Outdoor Dining open

Today, Friday Dec 15, 2017 our outdoor dining space is open


“Besides the food, there are so many other reasons Blue is appealing.  It recently has extended its dining space to include an outdoor seating area, positioned under a beautifully crafted pergola. Whether you are outside enjoying the gentle breeze or are inside admiring the Gothic-style features, the waterfront views from any seat in the house are absolutely breathtaking. I recently enjoyed watching the sunset from Blue’s outdoor dining area, and was pleasantly surprised with how peaceful and serene the otherwise “industrial” view is.

Patrons who regularly frequent Blue Restaurant say that it is not just the food that keeps them coming back. Blue restaurant provides a front row seat to Staten Island’s vibrant shipping and tugboat industry, and the parade of nautical traffic- tugboats and cargo ships alike- is an added bonus to a dining experience that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Posted in Restaurants by Holly on Jul 29, 2013

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